Book Publishing

Galway Academic Press will make sure you have all the elements of a locked manuscript necessary to begin publishing:

  • Final locked title and subtitle
  • Final locked manuscript (including foreword, dedication, and acknowledgments if desired)
  • Any graphics, illustrations, or photos
  • Draft book description
  • Draft author biography
  • Author photo

Cover Design

Our designers will develop a series of cover designs based on your suggestion or photographic materials you’ll send. These will be initial concepts so that we can understand your direction more clearly.

We will schedule a phone call with you to review the designs and understand what you do and do not like about them. Based on your feedback, we’ll iterate on the design until we land on the perfect cover for your book.

Once you love the front cover design, our publishing team will create the spine and back cover, which includes your book description, author biography, and author photo, if you like.

Copywriting & Proofreading

Back covers and book descriptions matter! A good book description and author bio are powerful tools. Our copywriting team will revise yours to maximize their marketing impact.

We will also copyedit and proofread your manuscript to ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors.

Interior Layout Design

Please do not underestimate the importance of a great interior design. At Galway Academic Press we’ve seen many books with great manuscripts and amazing covers that suffered from a horrible interior. Your interior defines the reading experience for your audience.

As with the cover design process, we welcome your feedback on the interior you envision. Your book’s design can be modeled on any other book’s font choices or graphic styling—even the margins, page numbers, and sidebars, which will be blended by our designer with your book’s cover styling to create a cohesive reading experience from start to finish.

Final Review of All Content

Our promise to you is that we will never publish a book that you are not 100% satisfied with.

At this point, you will have already locked your content and your layout will be ready for final review.

We’ll share a PDF of your book’s interior, which will be exactly how your book will appear in print. You’ll be able to make adjustments to the layout, such as page breaks and graphic placement.

All for € 845.00


You supply: images, wording and rough design concept in word doc, we will edit, format and prepare for printing.


If you intend selling your book through major retailers, you will need an ISBN number and corresponding barcode. It is your responsibility to register with Nielsen (The ISBN Agency for UK & Ireland), and you will receive the book code.

The book published will be assigned the next unique 13-digit code. We use this code to generate and test the barcode image and add it to your cover artwork.

Book Printing and Binding Costs

The prices below are for our printing and binding service for sizes up to ‘C’ on Munken White or Munken Cream, if you already have your final approved PDF and cover artwork, this is what it will cost to print and Ota-bind your book:

Note: Standard ‘C’ size paperback books are 135mm x 216mm, ‘B’ is 130mm x 198mm and ‘A5’ is 148mm x 210mm.



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